Strategic Copywriting

An experienced copywriter provides a fresh perspective. Wrong, ‘it will do copy,’ will derail your chances of success.

Freelance writers are slaves to industry expectations. They write the descriptions to fill the endless white spaces. The fingers crossed, eyes squeezed shut, hope for the best sterile approach no longer cuts it.

Your customers face a dilemma; you offer the solution. Reams of content going nowhere and describing nothing, will not drive sales. Providing advice and guidance, in a friendly expert tone, separates you from the devious breed, hoping to turn a quick profit.

Great content positions you as the go-to person, the Yoda of your industry. That’s what you should be aiming for, expert status.

Your customers need to know that your product will work. Good advertising shows that every brand is seeking to fix something, somewhere, in someone’s life. Whether it be, a leaking tap, looking good, or preventing heartburn!

All major brands jostle for exclusivity. From sprouting wings to finger-lickin’ chicken, the catchy one-liner is supposed to leave a discreet impression simmering somewhere in the deep parts of your mind; only to burst forth in a constellation of happy buying.

Granted, you’re not planning to replace Jeff Bezos! And you haven’t got millions to spare! However, you can still afford great content. 

Google’s internet bots are out banishing crummy blog sites and poorly scripted content. You want material that will achieve outstanding results, from high calibre work, that will save you money. That means hiring someone who is committed to providing an excellent service.

‘Use more SEO, social media driven link building’ is the standard battle cry in digital advertising. What’s needed is a sound plan to impress the buyer, not just the search engine.

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September 3, 2020